Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lets Get Ready to Stumble

yeah, I know that sounds awful, but lets be honest: we all plan on making the most of our time in Mexico. Me in particular. You know the saying, first comes love then comes marriage then comes a baby in a baby carriage. Or something like that, anyways, you see my train of thought. So back to Mexico and the bottomless margaritas, and the tequilla shots that my Maid of Honor and I are totally unbanned from specifically for this occassion.

In exactly 169 hours and 22 minutes I will be in Cancun with my VERY soon to be husband, looking a little like this:
Only probably with shots lined up in front of us as well, hey it's our weddingmoon! Although I do promise not to wear the white sunglasses, aye yai yai!
And then, in exactly 246 hours and 18 minutes, I will be walking down the aisle looking something like this:

From sheer happiness I assure you. Also, a sidenote to my bridesmaids, if I do begin to look like this please fix the situation. These pictures last a lifetime people.

So our to do list is really starting to dwindle:
We've packed
Put together the programs
Put together the out of town bags
Have the rings
Found Daisy a temporary home with her cousins
Started writing my vows(so I guess a half check)

Now I have to:
finish the escort cards
assemble the bridesmaids bags
throw an awesome Bon Voyage party
find one more swimsuit for both Stephen and I
and relax
Oh and most importantly assure that Vampire Diaries is being taped while we're gone

We arent doing to shabby if I do say so myself. Really I'm just excited, excited to marry my prince charming, excited to have all of my favorite people on vacation in mexico together, excited to be stephen's wife, excited about my dress, excited about margaritas, I'm just plum excited about life!


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