Monday, January 31, 2011

Just What the Doctor Ordered

This weekend was exactly what I needed. things have been rather crazy in the Hunley household, with Stephen working crazy shifts from 3pm - 11pm or 11pm - 7am, we were barely seeing eachother and lets just say that I was a bit of a mess. Now that Stephen is off of crazy shiftwork, we are back to our normal schedules where we get to cohabit in the normal fashion. This weekend was exactly what we needed.

Friday, we ordered dinner in and watched a movie, and snuggled. We never left the couch, and it was simply marvelous.

Saturday morning we both worked out (I almost died, I dont recommend level 2 yoga for an hour and a half), as you know we're working on those beach bods for the wedding. Saturday night was date night, we went to the movies and saw The Dilemma. I would definitely give this movie a B-. It had a few cute parts, a few funny parts, a few romantic parts, but mainly it was dramatic, and by dramatic I mean stressful. Definitely a wait for Redbox kind of movie. Next we went to 4.5.6 Fish in Norfolk for dinner, and it was delicious and romantic. We sat at the corner table and just chatted and giggled and truly enjoyed our time together. Our waitress was great too. Oh, and I got the very last creme brulee of the night, SCORE. After dinner we came home and watched SNL, it was cute, well from what I saw because I fell asleep after about 45 minutes.

Yesterday, the weather was fantastic. My belly was kind of sick in the morning, so my darling Fiance took care of me all morning. In the afternoon we attended a chili cook-off that my MOH, Andrea was a participant in at Lubo Wine Bar. It was a blast, but we always have fun with Andrea and Ken. Andrea also took home 2nd place with her amazing chili called The Cowboy! It was delicious! And we came home for more snuggling!

So now we start a new week, and while we have a lot we need to accomplish (installing a toilet, a ceilling fan, painting the kitchen, and cleaning the house) I couldnt be happier to just be in the same place at the same time with Stephen.

Also tonight I get to watch my fav show with my fav friend Whitney :0)

Hope everyone has a great week

Friday, January 21, 2011

Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels...

well nothing except pizza, creme brulee, and She-crab soup from Triology. With less than 80 days remaining I have come down with a severe case of Obesophobia. It's true, I'm not ashamed to admit it. I am currently working on 3 a day workouts and drinking SlimFast. I want to look like this on the beach:
Well, minus the raging bush thing she has going on, But you get the picture. And yes, Adriana Lima is most definitely my girl crush and I have no shame in shouting that from a rooftop. The main problem in trying to look like this:

(yes, another girl crush) Is my love for all things tasty. Lately all I can think about is things that are tasty. Even when I"m sweating on the elliptical I see commercials for all foods that I love, and that is just about the rudest thing that I have ever encountered. I mean, I'm doing 3 a day workouts for goodness sake, and I used to have to bribe myself (with food, yes a faux pas I know)  just to go do some crunches on my living room floor!

Here is my current schedule:
- wake up, shower, do 45 minutes of cardio at the gym, go to class, go to Hot Yoga for an hour (I LOVE), go back to class, work, and then by the grace of God I manage to go back to the gym to do abs, arms, or legs. Any extremity that I still have the strength to lift at that point.

And I'm doing great, I've lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks, but my point is I MISS FOOD! I miss it so much that I fear I'm going to start dreaming about it soon, or become one of those crazy people that eats in their "sleep". So I've decided I just need better motivation, so I signed up for......

Pole Dancing Classes. Why? Strippers have hot bods, and I want said hot bod. Why else? My fiance is sexy, and might have a slight case of manorexia that motivates him to spend countless hours in the gym in which he actually enjoys himself (gasp). So I thought about calling my dad up and asking if I could just get some private lessons from a girl at "Ariel's House", then I realized I probably dont want to have that conversation with my dad. So now I am a member of Studio Rio. I take my first class tomorrow. I'm a little excited and a little afraid I'll come home in a full body cast. Lets hope for the former. I'll be sure to let you know, that is unless I come home in the full body cast and I cant type.

Goodnight. xoxoox

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Welcome to the Big Show!

2011 is definitely going to a year for the records, the year of the Happy Hunleys and all of our very many happenings!!! I'm new to the blogging world, but excited to record our steps through life. Let me introduce us briefly, for those of you that are new.

That's us. Happy as clams, at our engagement shoot with the fabulous Andi Grant . I'm Brandi! Getting my masters in secondary English education, bubbly, giving, beach loving, avid reader, new found yoga lover,  family oriented, a slight procrastinator, completely type-A personality and a wee bit OCD, and of course truly madly and deeply in love with Stephen. My fantabulous husband extraordinaire is Stephen. He's a nuclear engineer, one of the smartest men I know, has the most pure heart in the world, is a hard core fist pumper while watching Jersey Shore (and often while not watching it at all), loves his family and friends deeply, knows more about music than Teddy Riley, and is an all around sports nut (though I wont tell you his favorite team, because you cant judge a book by his cover).

So on to rest. We had an amazing start to the year: my brother was in town for Christmas, I'm going to be a big sister again to a little boy named Sebastian Javier, we had our first Christmas in our newly purchased home, we celebrated New Years with my best friend and her fabu lover, and I even broke down and went to a Redskins game (yuck). Here's a few pictures just to recap what we've done so far in 2011.

my (not so) baby brother, Christian

the little men in our family on Christmas Eve

us on Christmas Eve, a few too many drinks in

are we not the most beautiful couple, or what?

my bestie, Whitney!

yes I sacrificed & went to a Deadskins game, but I love my man!

Wedding News!
We're currently a little less than 3 months away from our amazing Cancun wedding <3 Which breaks down to precisely 81 days. Yes, I know it's time to get my fitness on. Here are the wedding invitations that I worked so hard on, with my sexy man's help of course. They went out last week, hopefully it's pumping up the excitement!

I've ordered the materials for our programs and table names.
We ordered Stephen's suit the other day, he is gonna be one handsome hubby.
I'm almost finished with my gifts for my bridesmaids :0)
We've decided on gifts for our parents
All the big details are decided for the wedding in Mexico
Now I have some DIY projects to work on: table assignments, first aid kits, the programs, and a few more surprises.

I really need to find some shoes though, who knew wedding shoes would proof so difficult?!? And I REALLY love shoes, like I can buy a pair on any given day. This task is just proving to be impossible! Ahhh. Wish me luck cause I need it :0(

That's a mighty intensive post for my first time. Hopefully it wasn't too terrible for you, because I rather enjoyed myself. Looks like I'll be back.

Goodnight moon xoxo