Sunday, March 27, 2011

Throw Some Glitter Make it Rain

I cannot believe that I didnt post about our bachelorette/bachelor parties! Hello, mcfly, they were beyond amazing! Granted, this will most definitely be a pg version, but boy did wehave fun!

Stephen certainly had a great time :0) I came home to an open front door, clothes thrown all over the house, a lighter (stephen doesnt smoke), and find stephen layed out across the bed with daisymae sleeping soundly on his butt, and poor baby got sick and it was all over his jeans! Apparently they had a great time though! And I was able to nurse him back to health, including a couples massage that we thoroughly enjoyed :0)

My bachelorette party was beyond words! I couldnt have asked for a more amazing night, from the fabulous decorations and organization by Whitney, to the most fantastically fun girls (Andrea, Carly, Colleen, Maria, Ashleigh, and Jillian), it was jus superb! Top 5 greatest events:
1) Dancing on Stage with the band
2) Losing my shoes (multiple times)
3) jello shots and champagne with all of my amazing best friends
4) no hangover the next day
   - a special thank you to Andrea for taking me home when I needed it, to Ashleigh for watching over me, and to Whit and Carly for getting me into pajamas and washing my face. How sweet are my girls?!?
5) Having to remember half of the night through pictures, but knowing that it was one for the record books

a few pictures if you will:

I can't wait to be in mexico with this amazing girls!

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