Destination Happily Ever After

Happy weekend ladies and gents! I am currently on the wedding project train, and time is just ticking away. I mean, soon we will be less than 50 days away! Holy crap, I'm going to be Mrs. Hunley! Woo hoo. While I am super excited to embrace my new name, my new initials aren't quite the bees knees. My new initials are B.A.H., which I guess is an upgrade from B.A.M. I mean sheep are cute cuddly creatures right? That's me, cute and cuddly. On a separate note, I'm feeling rather naked at the moment, no perverts I do have clothes on. I had to drop my engagement ring on to get sized, and we just went ahead and had all three bands soldered together to make sure it was done in time. Which means that I am without a ring until the wedding, I mean and I allowed to wear my rings together with the wedding bands attached? I'm not an expert at this wedding etiquette. It kind of makes me crazy.

This week was very exciting though! We got our first RSVPs!!! Yayayaya! yes I know it's only three, but people have until February 1st, and lets be real everyone procrastinates (especially the Zarate family).

Also, we got Stephen's suit in! He is going to be one dashing groom if I do say so myself. We just have to find a tie and the shirt to go underneath.

And lastly, but definitely not least, MY WEDDING DRESS CAME IN! Now I just have to plan a little road-trip to DC, and since I cant take Stephen and my other friends aren't able to make it, looks like I'm going solo. Can I take a "woe is me" minute here, because A) I don't think I should have to go to my fitting by myself B) I'm offering a fun weekend in DC and C) I just feel like being grouchy about it right now. Tomorrow morning I'm sure I'll feel better, and who knows, maybe I'll meet some fabulous people on my solo trip to DC. And lets be honest, I have the best bridesmaids in the world, who happen to be traveling out of the country just to see me get married, and who are being amazing in every aspect of the world, so really I'm being a snob about going alone. Time to get off my soap box.

Now I"m off to work on putting together the information for the wedding programs so that I can get those printed out and assembled, and I"m working on a little something for the bridesmaids as well. Yay for getting my craft on!