Smitten Kitchen

Oh how the kitchen and I have become enemies. I used to the love the kitchen, I used to love food, I used to love that Stephen loves food. Now, I avoid the kitchen and food, and Stephen still gets to eat all he wants. Where in this cruel universe did someone decide that it was fair for men to eat more while working out and still look svelt, but women not only have to work out but have to cut back on calories and yummy food?! Here is a recent conversation:
Stephen: Man I'm just so hungry all the time from working out, it's like I have to eat double. 
Me: Man I"m just so hungry from not eating anything but air that I would like to eat you.

Ok so that conversation didnt really happen, but his comment is made frequently and that is often the response that I would like to make.

Since I"m trying to eat healthy, this is my new best friend:

Cook Yourself Thin Faster. Even the name sounds rude, as if cooking and eating is truly going to help me get thin faster. Ha, I laugh at your cruelty. But since we all know that I want to look like this:

I dont really have a lot of options. Also, I'd like for you to meet the devil in disguise, her name is Jillian Michaels and she is pure evil. Ask Stephen, I tried to get him to do this dvd with me, and even he hated her. No wonder people quit The Biggest Loser, that woman would cause me a nervous breakdown if I had to workout with her in person. As it is I do the dvd on mute.

Anyways, my point is that I'm currently in a love(because i really want you) - hate(because I cant have you) relationship with food. I mean I'm currently googling "low-cal pizza recipes" and is low-cal pizza even really pizza?

Oh and really with Valentine's Day around the corner? Ugh, could life be a bigger B*****? Someone please warn Stephen (because, no I'm not sure if he reads this) that he cannot under any circumstances bring chocolate into our house, despite the fit that I will want to throw because he didn't. And yes Stephen is currently hating life at the moment too due to my battle with the bulge, the belly bulge that is.