Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lets Get Ready to Stumble

yeah, I know that sounds awful, but lets be honest: we all plan on making the most of our time in Mexico. Me in particular. You know the saying, first comes love then comes marriage then comes a baby in a baby carriage. Or something like that, anyways, you see my train of thought. So back to Mexico and the bottomless margaritas, and the tequilla shots that my Maid of Honor and I are totally unbanned from specifically for this occassion.

In exactly 169 hours and 22 minutes I will be in Cancun with my VERY soon to be husband, looking a little like this:
Only probably with shots lined up in front of us as well, hey it's our weddingmoon! Although I do promise not to wear the white sunglasses, aye yai yai!
And then, in exactly 246 hours and 18 minutes, I will be walking down the aisle looking something like this:

From sheer happiness I assure you. Also, a sidenote to my bridesmaids, if I do begin to look like this please fix the situation. These pictures last a lifetime people.

So our to do list is really starting to dwindle:
We've packed
Put together the programs
Put together the out of town bags
Have the rings
Found Daisy a temporary home with her cousins
Started writing my vows(so I guess a half check)

Now I have to:
finish the escort cards
assemble the bridesmaids bags
throw an awesome Bon Voyage party
find one more swimsuit for both Stephen and I
and relax
Oh and most importantly assure that Vampire Diaries is being taped while we're gone

We arent doing to shabby if I do say so myself. Really I'm just excited, excited to marry my prince charming, excited to have all of my favorite people on vacation in mexico together, excited to be stephen's wife, excited about my dress, excited about margaritas, I'm just plum excited about life!


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Throw Some Glitter Make it Rain

I cannot believe that I didnt post about our bachelorette/bachelor parties! Hello, mcfly, they were beyond amazing! Granted, this will most definitely be a pg version, but boy did wehave fun!

Stephen certainly had a great time :0) I came home to an open front door, clothes thrown all over the house, a lighter (stephen doesnt smoke), and find stephen layed out across the bed with daisymae sleeping soundly on his butt, and poor baby got sick and it was all over his jeans! Apparently they had a great time though! And I was able to nurse him back to health, including a couples massage that we thoroughly enjoyed :0)

My bachelorette party was beyond words! I couldnt have asked for a more amazing night, from the fabulous decorations and organization by Whitney, to the most fantastically fun girls (Andrea, Carly, Colleen, Maria, Ashleigh, and Jillian), it was jus superb! Top 5 greatest events:
1) Dancing on Stage with the band
2) Losing my shoes (multiple times)
3) jello shots and champagne with all of my amazing best friends
4) no hangover the next day
   - a special thank you to Andrea for taking me home when I needed it, to Ashleigh for watching over me, and to Whit and Carly for getting me into pajamas and washing my face. How sweet are my girls?!?
5) Having to remember half of the night through pictures, but knowing that it was one for the record books

a few pictures if you will:

I can't wait to be in mexico with this amazing girls!

Let the Mad Dash Begin

We officially have 13 days left, 13 days people! Where has all the time gone? It's like officially make it or break it time, and of course my husband to be just so happens to be on the worst possible working schedules ever. Therefore, I"m packing, trying to organize wedding things (thank you andrea for coming to my rescue tomorrow with the Out Of Town bags, youre an angel), trying to maintain a hot boday, driving to Washington DC so often I should be a politician, and trying to maintain my sanity. I am crying like a crazy woman, you would think the world is coming to an end. Dont get me wrong, I am beyond excited, I just cry over EVERYTHING! I'm tearring up right now over the image of walking down the aisle to Stephen. Wow, I've wanted this day for almost two and a half years, yes since the day I met Stephen, and it's finally here. I have put so much of my heart, soul, and bank account into this wedding, and it's all about to finally materialize. Not to mention all of our friends and family are starting to get super excited, I think I get a new text or phone call at least once a day from a different day saying that so-and-so is super excited for Mexico and can't wait. All of this excitement makes me more excited!

Next weekend is our Bon Voyage party, and man I am so excited! So this week that is all that I'm working on. Well that and packing! I also have to finish up school stuff for while I am gone, including two tests before then. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We've been bedazzled

I have caught the bedazzling bug, so if youre coming to the wedding be prepared to be bedazzled. I've pretty much added bling to everything, I even got close to bedazzling Stephen's wedding shoes, but I decided that I would rather have a happy groom than one with bling. Although it might be kind of funny to see the "WTF?" look on his face when he opened them up. His shoes are a surprise, so I think it'd be hilarious if it was documented. I know Mrs. Andi Grant would definitely laugh as she took that one, but I will start our marriage off on the right foot (no pun intended).

We are officially 24 days out, holy moly! The time is like just melting away. Thank goodness everything is coming into place. That's definitely thanks to our amazing support system!

Also, I really need to find a cute outfit to wear while I'm getting ready. Maybe a cute short sleeved hoodie? definitely something that doesnt have to go over my head. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's My Party....

This past weekend was my first bridal shower, hosted by my amazing and beautiful Maid of Honor Andrea. The shower was everything that a girl could possibly dream of, the decor was amazing, the food was beyond fantastic, and the company was picture perfect! Andrea and her mom made every little detail perfect. We played games, we had margaritas, we laughed, and we ate very yummy food. Here are a few pictures of my amazing afternoon:

The Fabulous Girls
All the Pretty Details

My Place Setting & Super Yummy Margarita, getting in the mood for Mexico

Favors that Last a Lifetime (just like mine & sweetcheeks love)
My Maid of Honor and Amazing Hostess = beyond fabulous

After the fabulous Bridal Shower, LC + Whit + I headed off for a fun girls night out in DC courtesy of my amazing mother in law. Our night was full of dancing, champagne, over-bearing creepsters, a few tears (drinking always brings out the tears), a 5 star hotel, bar hopping in Adams Morgan, fake names, delicious sushi, way too much laughing, a little drunk stumbling, Baked & Wired cupcakes, people w/ no respect for hangovers, and the perfect company. I give you pictures of our night (at least the appropriate ones):

Thank you lovely ladies for the most amazing pre-wedding weekend a girl could ask for, you ladies really are the best!