Saturday, February 26, 2011

Something Old, Something New...

Something Borrowed, and Something Blue. Or so the old adage goes. With only 42 days left until we tie the knot, I'm also trying to tie up all of my lose ends. Finding these four items has been part of that process. I currently have three out of the four. I'm missing something borrowed. So for all of my fabulous friends and family, I'd greatly appreciate some help in this department. Lets get this checked off of my never ending list. I actually bought my something blue today, and it's an extremely important purchase. I give you, my blue clutch:

How fun is this? Not only does it match our wedding colors, but it's very beachy, and very "me". Now, why is this purchase so substantial you ask? Not simply because it will carry all of my essentials, but it will serve very much the same purpose as a "hospital bag" for a pregnant woman. This very clutch might at some point save my soul. I plan on it being stocked like a medicine cabinet, in one of those very handy granny medicine holders that are usually marked for the day (only mine will be marked for each possible emergency). What medical emergencies might occur? Well, I could get an upset stomach, I could get a headache, I could have a panic attack and need a zanax. All of these will be nestled safely inside of my Something Blue. Dont worry, I can share my medicine cabinet should anyone else need it, except maybe the zanax. I kid. 
So we're down to 42 days. I'm starting to get nervous, not the "Holy balls, I'm getting married" kind of nervous. The "Wow, Stephen is going to be my husband and make all of my dreams come true" kind of nervous. In 42 I will become wife to the most amazing man on earth, surrounded by the people that I love more than words can express, in one of the most amazing paradise locations. I dont think a girl could get any luckier, and I know I'm thankful every night. 



Monday, February 21, 2011

DJ Harry Hard Hat

DJ Harry Hard Hat, or as many of you call him Stephen, is in full effect right now. We're on an all out house construction push in order to have our house pretty much finished before the wedding. Yesterday Stephen finished painting the kitchen, and wow did he do an amazing job. It's a beautiful smoky gray color, and it really flows well with the rest of the house. Next up we have to:
-install new front lights
-Paint the staircase, upstairs hallway, and repaint upstairs bedrooms
-install hardware in upstairs bathrooms
-start outside landscaping

In March we're getting new counter-tops and cabinets in the kitchen. Over the summer we're getting new floors as our wedding present from Stephen's mom! So excited about this. And sometime soon we'll be getting new windows installed. Our house is going to be unrecognizable!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is Sweet, Have a Treat

Happy Valentine's Day everyone, I hope you're all having a fantastic day full of love. Today I bring you a special "love" themed post. If you aren't feeling especially loving today then I send pink puffy hearts your way, and you should possibly take this post off. With only 54 days until the wedding I am feeling overly mushy, but I digress. I start with a list of things I love

Stephen. Puppy Kisses. Baby Toes. Spending time with my family. Beach days that turn into beach nights. Couch sessions w/ my bff Whit. Road trips. Rain showers when it's hot out. Multiple hour conversations with my mom. Movie nights with my dad. Dirty martinis. A super good workout. Tickle fights. Nerf gun battles. Vacations. Surprises. Hot tea at night. Cold coffee in the summer. New shoes. Pretty flowers. Being in love. 

Love has always been a huge factor in my life. I grew up in an extremely loving environment, and I've spent my whole life loving others in return. Probably too much. I know this might come as a shock to a lot of people, but I'm no stranger to crying in fact I cry a lot. My dad jokes me at every extremely hard core action flick that we go to, because usually I find some place in the film suitable for tears. I'm sensitive, but hey thats me. I spent my whole life giving people too many chances, putting myself last too many times, always seeing the "good" in people when they didn't deserve it, and always winding up being the one that was hurt. People have always told me not to sweat the small things, yet I still do and know that I probably always will, but my logic was that if someone wasn't caring about the small things who would. I used to think that maybe those other people were right, maybe I was too sensitive too emotional too crazy, but I'm beginning to find more and more comfort in just being myself. The reason that I've found comfort in myself is because of Stephen. I'm finally able to say, oh well so I love too much and give myself when I shouldn't and see the good in people that don't deserve it. But I'd rather know that I spent my whole life being the nice girl, the sensitive one, than being the badass that everyone flocks to. And hey, look where me being me landed me... In a beautiful home that I own with the man of my dreams, accomplishing things I'd never dreamed of in record time.

So back to my point about me crying. I'm driving down the road today and I hear Rascal Flat's "Nothing Like This". Great song, if you haven't heard it I highly suggest the cd. The whole point of the song is that you think you've been loved and that you've experienced all of these great things until you find the one that you're truly meant to be with and it's a completely eye opening experience. I thought I knew what love was, then I met Stephen. This amazing man who brings me flowers just because, is genuinely fun to be around every day, makes me laugh all the time, is family oriented (by the way my family adores him), is intelligent funny and incredibly sexy, is a true romantic, and loves me with his whole being more than I feel I could ever deserve. I'm not thankful enough for the blessing that God gave me in the gift of Stephen, and I realize this not just on Valentines Day because he makes me feel special every day. But true love is not so easy to come by anymore, truth in general isn't so easy to come by, so today when the whole world is focused on "Love" I want to take an extra moment to be thankful. 

If I haven't bored you to death with my sappiness, I just want to say "I love you". Any one reading this is obviously a person that has an impact on my life, and I'm so thankful for everyone who has helped me on this road to who I am today. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Holy Guacamole!?!

I'm not sure if you all have been keeping count like I have, I mean why would you have three countdown calendars, but there are currently only 55 days until W-day (Wedding Day)! That's less than two whole months, I mean really, where has the time gone? The crazy thing about this is, I wish the time would go faster. Currently I'm finding that my biggest obstacle is waiting until W-day. I actually got a lot accomplished this week:
-most of the groomsmen have ordered their pants (yes I must find shirts like yesterday)
-I ordered the bridesmaid's shoes & Stephens shoes
-I got the bridesmaids dresses in
-Bridal Flip Flops have been found
-Out Of Town Bag Information was delivered
-Groom's Tie was ordered
-Bon Voyage Party invitations Ordered
-At Home Reception Invites came in...
Aren't they pretty? Now I have something else wedding related to occupy my time, addressing envelopes. If only we could transform my handwriting from that of a kindergartner to that of a calligrapher, one can dream.

And tomorrow is Valentine's Day, so look forward to a love themed post tomorrow.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The DC Takeover

This past weekend was one of the most amazing and fun weekends in a long time. Full of good friends, good food, lots of laughs, and even a few cocktails :0) LC and I headed to DC for my very first wedding dress fitting. I wont lie, I was terribly nervous the whole ride up there. I mean I havent seen this dress in almost 6 months, what if I hate it, what if I want to be that 2 dress bride, what if I look horrible in it? So as soon as we arrived in Alexandria the first stop we made was for a glass of champagne. Nerves calmed, check. Excitement bubbling, check. So we headed to the dress shop. Once I saw my dress, all of my fears were squashed. Once I put my dress on, the tears started falling. It just hit me, all at once. In just over 2 months I am going to be walking down the sandy aisle to marry my very best friend and the man who treats me like a princess (wearing this amazing gown). Wow, it was just so surreal. I literally didnt want to take the gown off. And just as a plus, they have to altar the heck out of it, because I've gotten uber skinny. So hurray to me, and hurray to the pounds that I still plan on saying adios to!

After the dress fitting we checked into our uber posh hotel The Donovan House. Ps, our hotel had an ice bar. How fun is that? We hit up Georgetown, where we saw all of the crazies in line in the rain for Georgetown Cupcakes

We then had some super delish pizza at Pizza Paradiso, thinking maybe the line would die down while we ate, no such luck. So we continued our shopping extravaganza, venturing into the world famous Dean and Deluca.  Can I just say that we were in heaven? After we stocked up on essentials like sushi and champagne, we headed off to a different highly recommended cupcaked shop called Baked and Wired. These cupcakes were not only HUGE, but extremely yummy, and to quote Kristen "they're definitely baked with love <3". Next stop Juicy Couture, of course, then we headed to the car. We got ready for our fun night out and met up with Austin and Kristen, and two of their friends that are soon to be married as well! Love is in air I guess! We definitely got the DC treatment, and couldnt have had more gracious hosts. Here are a few pics of our night:

It was one hell of a night. The kind of night where a stop at Arby's on the drive home is most definitely necessary.

also, I came home to a fabulously clean house, a newly installed toilet, and tons of snuggles and kisses from the man I missed so much!

I love my life, and I couldnt ask for more!