Saturday, February 26, 2011

Something Old, Something New...

Something Borrowed, and Something Blue. Or so the old adage goes. With only 42 days left until we tie the knot, I'm also trying to tie up all of my lose ends. Finding these four items has been part of that process. I currently have three out of the four. I'm missing something borrowed. So for all of my fabulous friends and family, I'd greatly appreciate some help in this department. Lets get this checked off of my never ending list. I actually bought my something blue today, and it's an extremely important purchase. I give you, my blue clutch:

How fun is this? Not only does it match our wedding colors, but it's very beachy, and very "me". Now, why is this purchase so substantial you ask? Not simply because it will carry all of my essentials, but it will serve very much the same purpose as a "hospital bag" for a pregnant woman. This very clutch might at some point save my soul. I plan on it being stocked like a medicine cabinet, in one of those very handy granny medicine holders that are usually marked for the day (only mine will be marked for each possible emergency). What medical emergencies might occur? Well, I could get an upset stomach, I could get a headache, I could have a panic attack and need a zanax. All of these will be nestled safely inside of my Something Blue. Dont worry, I can share my medicine cabinet should anyone else need it, except maybe the zanax. I kid. 
So we're down to 42 days. I'm starting to get nervous, not the "Holy balls, I'm getting married" kind of nervous. The "Wow, Stephen is going to be my husband and make all of my dreams come true" kind of nervous. In 42 I will become wife to the most amazing man on earth, surrounded by the people that I love more than words can express, in one of the most amazing paradise locations. I dont think a girl could get any luckier, and I know I'm thankful every night. 



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