Monday, February 21, 2011

DJ Harry Hard Hat

DJ Harry Hard Hat, or as many of you call him Stephen, is in full effect right now. We're on an all out house construction push in order to have our house pretty much finished before the wedding. Yesterday Stephen finished painting the kitchen, and wow did he do an amazing job. It's a beautiful smoky gray color, and it really flows well with the rest of the house. Next up we have to:
-install new front lights
-Paint the staircase, upstairs hallway, and repaint upstairs bedrooms
-install hardware in upstairs bathrooms
-start outside landscaping

In March we're getting new counter-tops and cabinets in the kitchen. Over the summer we're getting new floors as our wedding present from Stephen's mom! So excited about this. And sometime soon we'll be getting new windows installed. Our house is going to be unrecognizable!

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