Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Random Thoughts...

This month is crazy, crazy busy! Sorry for neglecting the blog so much, I just truly don't have a whole lot of free time right now. I will be better after the new year, scouts honor! Today I have random thoughts for you.

1) I still have Christmas shopping to do, yuck! I'm totally dreading the mall this close to Christmas. Maybe I will go at a really random time, like 8am. Not that I want to be up that early, but I'll bribe myself with Chick Fil A breakfast.

2) I really wanna go see the Christmas lights. I need to arrange this with the hubby pronto. Don't the lines get longer closer to Christmas? Ick, again with the crowds.

3) This bebe of ours has the longest legs in the world! She kicked clear into my breast plate yesterday and I thought I was dying. I won't complain though, those legs might belong to the next NY Company prima ballerina or Victoria's Secret model!

4) My husband is the kindest, most handsome man I know! Tomorrow is his 27th birthday and I am so thankful that I get to celebrate him.

5) this weekend we're Stephen is going snowboarding, I'm going to be a bonafied snow bunny that doesn't do anything but look cute. I'm downloading a new book, bringing lots of hot tea & cocoa, got some new bubble bath, and I might bring supplies for a few pinterest inspired crafts.

6) Dressing up like the 80's is a fabulous way to spend a Friday night. Trust me, just do it.

7) I graduate Sunday. Hooray for me and my masters! Presents and cards are much appreciated ;0)

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