Friday, November 4, 2011

The I hate everything day...

Today is an "I hate everything" kind of day. Everyone has these days right? I mean it's total psychotic normal. It's Friday, normally I'm really happy on Fridays but not today. Today I hate Verizon, for giving me the runaround and postponing my internet service from Wednesday to Saturday to Monday. Today I hate the weather, because it's rainy and cold and I am stuck at work instead of at home playing on the internet, wait I mean reading a book. Today I hate the 4 mini-hershey bars that somehow managed to get into my stomach (totally not my fault, I assure you). And today I hate father time, for not speeding up my horrible "I hate everything day" and making it over.

I would normally go home and poor myself a huge glass 3 glasses of wine, but instead I will be going home and crying to my hubby like the crazy hormonal preggo that I am. Thank God for my hubby, he keeps me (relatively) sane.

What do you hate today?

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