Thursday, June 30, 2011

I am my own worst enemy

I have recently lost ALL motivation to work out, I literally havent been to the gym in like two weeks. The scale is most definitely reflecting that, right in the middle of summer. I mean who wants to see Godzilla in a swimsuit? (Yes I'm referring to myself as godzilla) Thank goodness things havent reached Code RED and that is only because of the amazing fresh fruits and vegetables that I have been keeping stocked in our house. If this was the winter, I would highly resemble an umpa lumpa by now. 

I've even stooped so low as to involve Stephen. This morning I was too lazy busy to workout (but I had a salad for lunch, go me!), so I begged Stephen not to go the gym after work. I dont know if its just to make myself feel better, or if I'm hoping he'll try and convince us to go tonight, either way I guess I win. I'm not a horrible person I promise, because I obviously feel guilt over my obesity :0)

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