Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Perfect Storm

Yesterday Stephen and I had the most amazing Saturday together. We woke up and made breakfast smoothies together, went to Toys R Us to buy little Gabe a present, partied with the family to celebrate Gabe's 5th birthday, and then we headed out to HarborFest for a little fun. HarborFest is truly amazing, mainly because it is my inner fatty's total paradise. They have sweet tea, butterfly fries, gyros, fried oreos, funnel cakes, hell they even have oysters. I look like a little kid at Disney standing there staring at the lane of fun food trying to decide what I want, people might even think my hubby starves me I get so excited (which we all know isnt true because it's a public fact that my man loves food as much as I do). This time I got a huge bottle of water (their sweet tea consisted of a man pouring two tablespoons of sugar into the glass and shaking it, true story) and a gyro. While they werent as good as the street carts in NYC, it was pretty delicious. After enjoying our evening strolling (hand in hand of course) around & enjoying the shops, we finally managed to snag a comfy chair in perfect view of the "fireworks". We're sitting there chatting w/ Kevin & Eric, and the next thing we know the Perfect Storm rolls in. Lightning was everywhere so we did the smart thing and headed inside a tent full of metal poles, duh, and then the rain began. This was no simple rain, this was the Big Daddy of rain. The power went out in all the tents, everyone was running to seek shelter, and it was really coming down out there. Two drinks later, and the rain didnt let up. So Stephen and I decided to make a dash for it, a 2 mile dash to our car. In.pouring.rain. We're jogging down the street, about halfway there, and I kid you not a man started playing a saxophone. It couldnt have been better planned. Stephen and I just looked at eachother and laughed. It was actually kind of romantic. Since we were already drenched, we took full advantage of all the puddles on the way back and laughed the whole way. This is the product of the monsoon

I'm truly so lucky to be married to my best friend. After 3 hours in the heat and the 2 mile run, I was hungry again. Dietfail. So we ended our night with some PF Changs and a movie on the couch :0)

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