Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Wedding

and no I'm not talking about William and Kate, though I must say that she looked absolutely stunning this morning. Tomorrow will mark 3 weeks since I married my prince charming, and I have to admit that life has been treating us pretty royally. We have so many big things coming up in May, our at home reception (where we hope to see everyone), Stephen starts STE school and I am so proud of him, I'm done with my last spring semester as a student, and a few other big things that I'll blog about throughout the month. So in honor of our 3 week wedding anniversary I give you 21 reasons why marriage is amazing:

1) We get to wear our wedding bands, and we've both received lots of compliments on them
2) We frequently call each other hubby and wifey
3) Our photographer has posted amazing pictures that brings us back to that amazing week all over again
4) We both gained the most amazing new brothers! (and I got a sister too, love you amy lynn)
5) We're not living in sin anymore lol
6) Daisymae and I have a new last name :0)
7) I get more mushy texts than ever before
8) I think marriage has made me prettier, I have a wedding glow! I just cant hide my happiness
9) My husband makes me laugh daily
10) Stephen is a fantastic cook
11) My hubby helps out so much around the house
12) We truly face everything as a team
13) I'm motivated to be a better me so I'm stronger for us
14) Our dance offs have gotten more intense
15) My hubby spoils me on the regular
16) I feel so loved
17) I have someone that is going to love me from now until forever
18) We get to grow old and crazy together
19) We get to celebrate our marriage again in a week
20) Our wedding was royally awesome
21) I fall in love with Stephen more every day

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