Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We're back... and we're MARRIED!

We are officially Mr. and Mrs. Hunley! After 24 years of being Brandi M. I am now Brandi H. Woo Hoo. It's a little weird, well only when I go to write my name, I mean it's hard to break a 24 year habit. I do love saying that I am Mrs. Brandi Hunley. I <3 it! I swoon over it, I doodle it like a school girl!

Our trip to Cancun was a week of pure heaven, and truly the best week of our lives. We had so much fun, and were surrounded by so much love that it's truly heaven sent. Our friends and family thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and I think everyone came to make new friends too. There was dancing, foam parties, snorkling, drink spills, trips down the water slide fully clothed, spinnaker craziness, two very special birthdays, fire dancers, and of course the amazing ocean.

I feel so blessed to have become the wife of such an amazing man, and to have the world's most amazing support group. I cant wait to see the great things that life in store for us.

Here are some pictures of our trip <3

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