Monday, January 31, 2011

Just What the Doctor Ordered

This weekend was exactly what I needed. things have been rather crazy in the Hunley household, with Stephen working crazy shifts from 3pm - 11pm or 11pm - 7am, we were barely seeing eachother and lets just say that I was a bit of a mess. Now that Stephen is off of crazy shiftwork, we are back to our normal schedules where we get to cohabit in the normal fashion. This weekend was exactly what we needed.

Friday, we ordered dinner in and watched a movie, and snuggled. We never left the couch, and it was simply marvelous.

Saturday morning we both worked out (I almost died, I dont recommend level 2 yoga for an hour and a half), as you know we're working on those beach bods for the wedding. Saturday night was date night, we went to the movies and saw The Dilemma. I would definitely give this movie a B-. It had a few cute parts, a few funny parts, a few romantic parts, but mainly it was dramatic, and by dramatic I mean stressful. Definitely a wait for Redbox kind of movie. Next we went to 4.5.6 Fish in Norfolk for dinner, and it was delicious and romantic. We sat at the corner table and just chatted and giggled and truly enjoyed our time together. Our waitress was great too. Oh, and I got the very last creme brulee of the night, SCORE. After dinner we came home and watched SNL, it was cute, well from what I saw because I fell asleep after about 45 minutes.

Yesterday, the weather was fantastic. My belly was kind of sick in the morning, so my darling Fiance took care of me all morning. In the afternoon we attended a chili cook-off that my MOH, Andrea was a participant in at Lubo Wine Bar. It was a blast, but we always have fun with Andrea and Ken. Andrea also took home 2nd place with her amazing chili called The Cowboy! It was delicious! And we came home for more snuggling!

So now we start a new week, and while we have a lot we need to accomplish (installing a toilet, a ceilling fan, painting the kitchen, and cleaning the house) I couldnt be happier to just be in the same place at the same time with Stephen.

Also tonight I get to watch my fav show with my fav friend Whitney :0)

Hope everyone has a great week

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