Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Welcome to the Big Show!

2011 is definitely going to a year for the records, the year of the Happy Hunleys and all of our very many happenings!!! I'm new to the blogging world, but excited to record our steps through life. Let me introduce us briefly, for those of you that are new.

That's us. Happy as clams, at our engagement shoot with the fabulous Andi Grant . I'm Brandi! Getting my masters in secondary English education, bubbly, giving, beach loving, avid reader, new found yoga lover,  family oriented, a slight procrastinator, completely type-A personality and a wee bit OCD, and of course truly madly and deeply in love with Stephen. My fantabulous husband extraordinaire is Stephen. He's a nuclear engineer, one of the smartest men I know, has the most pure heart in the world, is a hard core fist pumper while watching Jersey Shore (and often while not watching it at all), loves his family and friends deeply, knows more about music than Teddy Riley, and is an all around sports nut (though I wont tell you his favorite team, because you cant judge a book by his cover).

So on to rest. We had an amazing start to the year: my brother was in town for Christmas, I'm going to be a big sister again to a little boy named Sebastian Javier, we had our first Christmas in our newly purchased home, we celebrated New Years with my best friend and her fabu lover, and I even broke down and went to a Redskins game (yuck). Here's a few pictures just to recap what we've done so far in 2011.

my (not so) baby brother, Christian

the little men in our family on Christmas Eve

us on Christmas Eve, a few too many drinks in

are we not the most beautiful couple, or what?

my bestie, Whitney!

yes I sacrificed & went to a Deadskins game, but I love my man!

Wedding News!
We're currently a little less than 3 months away from our amazing Cancun wedding <3 Which breaks down to precisely 81 days. Yes, I know it's time to get my fitness on. Here are the wedding invitations that I worked so hard on, with my sexy man's help of course. They went out last week, hopefully it's pumping up the excitement!

I've ordered the materials for our programs and table names.
We ordered Stephen's suit the other day, he is gonna be one handsome hubby.
I'm almost finished with my gifts for my bridesmaids :0)
We've decided on gifts for our parents
All the big details are decided for the wedding in Mexico
Now I have some DIY projects to work on: table assignments, first aid kits, the programs, and a few more surprises.

I really need to find some shoes though, who knew wedding shoes would proof so difficult?!? And I REALLY love shoes, like I can buy a pair on any given day. This task is just proving to be impossible! Ahhh. Wish me luck cause I need it :0(

That's a mighty intensive post for my first time. Hopefully it wasn't too terrible for you, because I rather enjoyed myself. Looks like I'll be back.

Goodnight moon xoxo

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  1. Brandi, absolutely amazing start to a most intimate and quirky journal of sorts! I absolutely love it and cannot wait to read future posts. You are definitely a captivating writer. Love you!! xoxo-Whit