Thursday, October 20, 2011

Heels Over Head

Why is it that people always say "I'm head over heels in love"? I feel like that doesnt exactly make sense, we walk around every day with our head over our heels. When I think about love I think about the way I feel with regards to Stephen, the dizzying, all encompassing, completely consuming, mind numbing love. Love that would make more sense if referred to as "heels over head". Every day I fall more in love with my husband, but seeing him fall more in love with our baby (aka my growing belly) just completely melts my heart. I am teary just thinking about it. Today he felt the baby roll, and the way my husband's face lit up was the exact same face that I saw when I walked down the aisle, the same face a little kid makes coming down the stairs on Christmas morning. My husband is not only an amazing husband, but he is already an amazing daddy. He provides for us, he loves us, he prays for us, he makes us laugh, he is our everything. I am one blessed lady.

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