Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lots of Changes

2012 is here and with this year brings lots of changes. Not only are we expecting our little family to grow, but I am no longer going to be working. I've had a full time job since I was 15 so needless to say I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.
I'm worried about not contributing to our family income.
I'm worried that my husband will feel too much pressure.
I'm worried that I will go completely and utterly crazy staying home.
I'm worried that I will lose myself.

But I'm also excited.
I'm so excited to be a mom.
I'm so excited that my husband loves me and our child so much that he is giving us the gift of time together.
I'm excited to be home when my husband gets off work and to have time together.
I'm excited to work on my culinary skills.
I'm excited to work on growing my dream business.

Change is hard and scary and real. It's here, and I hope I handle it well.

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