Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bring on the Rain

That bitch Hurricane Irene is making her entrance into the area. We are already getting pelted with strong winds and rain, and the hurricane hasnt even reached us yet. Keep your fingers and toes crossed that they over-exaggerated the severity of what would hit us. I'm really not a fan of being without power, let alone for longer than a few hours. I pre-cooked a few things and we have some snacks, so hopefully the power will only be out for a short period of time (or better yet not go out at all).

They already canceled school for Monday, can you believe that? It's insane. I mean we dont even know how bad this thing will be, and to be honest our area tends to blow things wayyy out of proportion.

Also, my husband is still sleeping. Its starting to make me mad. I'm sitting by myself weathering this freaking storm, and he is upstairs sound asleep. He truly could sleep through the end of the world. UGH!

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