Thursday, March 15, 2012

Modern Memories

Now that we have a little one on our hands the need to document every little memory is so much more important! Of course we have the usual ways of home videos and pictures, but it's also nice to have more unique ways. Shutterfly has recently come out with a super creative way to preserve memories... photo yearbooks!

Here's the link:
Ever thought that the yearbooks done through the school were tired & boring? Well now is your chance to have your hand in on the action because you can design your very own. You can tailor the yearbook to be a perfect match for your child's year and all of their accomplishments/activities.

So be sure to check out Shutterfly and find your own special way to capture your favorite memories.
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*this post was sponsored by shutterfly, but the views and opinions are my own. I love Shutterfly products*

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